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We put the "Care" in Tree Care

Let us BEE your tree people!

Here's what we've been working on


We can rope down limbs and remove them safely.  Care is in our name because we protect your property as well as your neighbors and surrounding properties.


If your tree needs a facelift or just some safety pruning, we are your guys.  We will listen to your wants and needs and make your trees look great!


Do you have a stump that needs to be removed?  We'll buzz on over and give you a quote!  


We all know how unpredictable mother nature can be.  Call us anytime day or night if you have a treemergency!



Jeffrey Stark has been in the tree business over 12 years here in Santa Barbara.  He is known for doing great work and leaving your trees and surrounding area looking better than it did before.  He is a licensed Contractor and a certified Arborist.  Why the name? Honeybees are an irreplaceable part of the ecosystem. They delicately fly from flower to flower pollinating everything we need to survive as a species! They are busy and they don’t make mistakes.  The comparison of Honeybees to tree work crews was made as both buzz around from job to job! Just as flowers need the bees, the trees need tree crews to trim them and make them bloom…the rest is history or bizzztory!

"You have a lovely team, and much needed in the world; integrity and kindness."

-Inga and Jack Canfield

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